KASKA company, fouded in 1998, is on the market over 20 years. It has a highly motivated staff and experiences.

Energy from sunshine. Services in all Europe.

KASKA are one of the largest EU based installer of ground mounted solar systems. We install the constructions of solar power systems and modules (Complete Mechanical Installation including post driving, steel erection and panel install).
KASKA have experiences with a number of large scale projects from all the EU. Customer deals only with one partner for all the installation part. It has references from many interesting large scale power plants around EU. Working in all European countries.

Construction of solar power systems Construction of solar power systems

We can help you with:

  • piles instalation
  • sub-construction and modules assembly
  • DC, AC works
  • All Ground works including cable trenching and backfill
  • Ground Testing Service
  • Fencing

KASKA works all around Europe.
We would be glad to make you a price offer. We are price-competitive.
We can deliver also constructions from well established producers, which we cooperate with.

We do also pull out tests.


Photovoltaic mounting system Photovoltaic mounting system Photovoltaic mounting system Photovoltaic mounting system 

Pile driving (ramming), Ground screwing, rock drilling

KASKA company is equipped with modern professional pile-driving machines from a German producer GAYK Baumaschinen, which allow not only to work with piles up to 4,5 m long, but also ground drilling, rock drilling and ground screws tightening. The machines are self propelled and tracked (into terrain).

Company manages it´s own transport, services are available in all the Europe. Daily capacity is 1000 piles (ca 200 piles/machine).

KASKA can supply the best producers construction system as well.

Used profiles: I 100, I 140, Hilti, U 100, C 80x80, C 120x55, sigma 100, sigma 140, sigma 170, V, O 80 and other.

KASKA also supplies:

  • ground drilling, pile concreting
  • measuring out
  • site logistics, trucks unloading
  • ground screws tightening
  • test pile-driving
  • rock drilling, pile extracting
  • wiring services

We have piled some hundred thousand piles. We are target motivated.

References from UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Estonia.


Pile driving Pile driving Rock drilling Rock drilling KASKA FVE KASKA FVE